Kevin, LIN Zhaorun


I am currently a first year MPhil student in Computer Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) supervised by Amir Goharshady. I also received my Bachelor’s degree from HKUST with Computer Engineering as my major.


I am a proud member of the ALPACAS Research group, which is led by my supervisor and focuses its research on Algorithms, Logic, Program Analysis, Cryptocurrencies and Smart contracts. We are a strong and diverse group that has the highest number of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) awardees and also its highest success rate (100%). We even have more IOI, IMO, IMC, and ICPC medals than most countries.

My research focus lies within the intersection of Cryptography and Blockchain, in which I design and implement secure blockchain protocol by leveraging various cryptographic and game-theoretic tools. I also work on the cryptographic tools themselves to improve their security. One of my recent focuses is Zero-knowledge proofs.